PU College

Miranda Composite PU College is one of the most renowned colleges in Bangalore. Built on the foundation of creative and independent thinking, Miranda equips its students to keep up with the demands of the present professional scenario. Students are constantly challenged to expand their knowledge through mini projects, class seminars and deep research sessions. It is our belief that when young minds are motivated to learn for themselves, the lessons become far more interesting than a regular classroom session. This methodology automatically improves their critical thinking, presentation skills, research skills and interpersonal skills at every level.

In addition to the prescribed syllabus, teachers also train the students and help them prepare for various competitive exams like JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, CET, NEET, NATA etc. Since holistic development forms the crux of our education at Miranda, students are provided with a nurturing platform, where they can strengthen their physical, social, emotional and cognitive abilities. The college organises various events that enables our pupils to showcase their artistic, musical and athletic skills. This not only helps them build a well-rounded portfolio, but also imbibes in them a spirit of sportsmanship, resilience and perseverance.

Miranda Composite PU College is affiliated to the Karnataka State PU Education Board.


1. Combinations are science and commerce, PCMB, PCMC, EBAC, EBABM

2. Languages offered: Sanskrit, French, Kannada, Hindi along with English

3. 75% students getting distinction and 1st class, have joined prestigious institutions in India and as well abroad.

4. Well maintained canteen