Primary School

Miranda’s Primary School division encompasses Grade 1 to Grade 5, and it fosters the growing creative abilities and curiosity of students. Building on the fundamental knowledge gathered by the students in the Early Years at Miranda, students are introduced to mathematics, languages (English, Hindi, Kannada) and literature, social science and science in Primary School. Classes are made interactive, fun and hands-on in order to encourage the young ones to participate wholeheartedly and amass knowledge. Teachers are specially trained to mentor students of age group 5-12.

The focus of the primary school is on improving vocabulary, reading and writing skills, arithmetic skills, and knowledge of the world around. This, in turn, becomes the foundation that supports the challenging curriculum of the Secondary School. During the primary years, we emphasize not only on academic objectives, but also on the child’s personality and emotional development. Integrated life-skill training shapes them into confident, empathetic individuals and responsible world citizens.


1. The curriculum followed by Miranda is as defined by two distinct education boards.

• State Syllabus

• ICSE Syllabus

2. Our committed and hugely talented faculty work as a cohesive team to accomplish the goals and objectives of our school. To this end, we focus not only on purely academic objectives but also on the child’s personality and emotional development through life skill activities.

3. Lab activities provide a strong platform for students to move from the Basic syllabus in the Middle School to the ICSE and state Level examinations in High School.

4. Researched and carefully chosen rural games and Yoga that increases their concentration, motor skills and balancing ability.