Learning at Miranda

At Miranda, we believe that the main purpose of a school is to prepare its students for a lifelong journey of learning. To fulfill that, we adopt focused adaptive learning processes at learning that trains them to learn on their own from a very young age. Through world-class content, technology enabled teaching aids and a unique pedagogy, we lay a strong foundation and kindle their desire and interest to delve deeper into subjects.
Collective experience of our teachers and faculty members has taught us that a student is more likely to retain knowledge better if the curriculum is introduced through effective technology, group activities and hands-on work. This method of teaching also enables our students to innately learn to apply the knowledge to real-world scenarios. The success of this approach is evident in the consistent results and our students’ overall performance in school and after.
In addition to the emphasis on strong academic foundation, we also focus on building valuable life-skills that go beyond moral studies. Teachers at Miranda help students build their self-confidence and self-esteem so they can grow up to be responsible individuals with healthy, balanced and positive lives. We also teach them to implement their knowledge and personality to find solutions for day to day challenges and obstacles so they can create a better world for themselves and the people around them.